Who are we?

Our mission

Unikeo Sports is a sport marketing agency specialized in digital.
We back up at the same time brands and businesses wishing to legitimize their advertising actions across sport.
It is also important to us to share our knowledge with sports organizations to contribute to the non-professional sport development.

Équipe Unikeo Sports team

Our values

All high level athlete will tell you that to face your competitors, you have to like the CHALLENGE. They will also tell you that to transform a final in medal, you need PERFORMANCES and to cross a finish line when you are out of breath, you need heart and PASSION!
So here is what’s animates our Unikeo Sports agency : Challenge, Passion and Performances ! Collaborate on different unique projects with different businesses and sport actors… this is our PASSION !
Give value to your brand image, your online presence, increase your customer database, find your target customer, attract him to your products, your services or events… Here is where we ‘PERFORM’ ! Back you up at the best to reach your goals… this will be our CHALLENGE ! A click is enough to have a new start… On your marks.. Set… Talk us about your projet.