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TVA Sports

How Unikeo Sports collected more than 30K email addresses for the NHL Pool TVA Sports

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The challenge

Québecor Média gave the mandate to Unikeo Sports to obtain more than 30K online registrations for their NHL Pool game for their channel TVA Sports and its subsidiaries: Journal de Montréal, Journal de Québec and Canoë. 

The solution

To fulfill the objective, we established an online strategy that focused on the organic reach of the different subsidiaries and some media buying campaigns . 

The results

We collected 32,8K email addresses, with our initial target being 30K. The email marketing campaign allowed us to maintain this database active during the whole season of the NHL.


Cédrick Audel Unikeo Sports inc. Fondateur

An NHL pool that the community loves

“This project makes us proud considering the importance of the NHL in Quebec and the number of subsidiaries represented by Québécor. This enabled us to collaborate with not only the Journal de Montréal, but also Journal de Québec, TVA Sports, Canoë’s website and the Videotron film center.

Furthermore, we went over the initial objective of 30,000 registrations, since we had a bit more than 32,000 at the end.”


Cédrick Audel

Founder of Unikeo Sports


Media buying, digital strategy, content management

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