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Know-how and performance

We’ve specialized in sports and wellness since 2013. We aim to achieve our goals in all our projects with the mindset of an athlete striving to excel.  

A passion for sports and wellness

Founded by a former high-level athlete, our team gathers passionate sportspeople who want to enhance society’s wellness through sports! 

The challenge of new projects

We love to take on challenges of any size! You’re guaranteed to have fun working with our dynamic team.  


Cedrick Audel Unikeo Fondateur

Cédrick Audel

President and Founder

I founded Unikeo Sports and enjoy working as a web strategist. A former international athlete in the 100 m and 200 m events, I also love American football, soccer and badminton. Watching the evolution and success of the sports organizations and companies we work with is thrilling to me. Our clients’ successes depend on ours, so whenever I undertake a project, I make sure to bring both my expertise in sports marketing and my enthusiastic, passionate attitude.

Andreanne Parent

Andréanne Parent

Web Marketing Coordinator

I’m a mixed martial artist and have competed in Muay Thai / kickboxing below the belt. I bring my expertise to a variety of agency projects, including media buying, emailing strategies, content creation and other exciting work. I enjoy working with like-minded people and helping push projects to the finish line.

Salomon Portelance

Salomon Portelance

Web Marketing Coordinator

I’ve been a hockey player for over 16 years. I’m also interested in slacklining and all team sports. As part of the Unikeo Sports team, I bring my creativity and my knowledge of the sports world to help implement and execute digital strategies. I love seeing clients light up when they tell me about their project, taking on the challenge of exceeding their expectations, and seeing their smile when they’re satisfied with the results.

Nabil Mrini Unikeo Sports Notre equipe

Nabil Mrini

Business Development Consultant

I developed a taste for sports from a very young age, and I practised soccer, martial arts and combat sports. Sport has become a passion, a daily hobby. I collaborate with Unikeo by implementing opportunities to support the agency’s strategic business development. Presenting the added value and solutions we offer at Unikeo Sports is a real pleasure for me—it speaks to my passion and allows me to keep learning more about various sports disciplines.

Guillaume Nguyen Unikeo Sports Notre equipe

Guillaume Nguyen

Marketing and Sales Consultant

I’m a fan of sports, especially soccer, and I recently moved to Montréal after adventures in Paris and Hong Kong. A true Swiss Army knife, I like to bring my experience to the agency’s projects. In my everyday work, I love discussing, understanding and finding solutions to the challenges of the different organizations in the sports industry.

Theo C

Théo Charavel

Marketing Coordinator

I’ve been passionate about playing sports since a young age. Given my interest in sports, the people in the field and the associated economic factors, sports marketing was an easy career choice for me. I want to listen and learn more to help sports organizations grow throughout their journey. I love working with the sports enthusiasts at Unikeo Sports.

Fleur Merlingeas Notre equipe Unikeo Sports

Fleur Merlingeas

Web Marketing Consultant

I’m a big believer in the importance of wellness and development through sports. I practised judo since I could barely walk, then I did soccer, horseback riding and cycling. As I stay on top of marketing developments in the industry, I want to be the go-to person on the community and the latest trends. I enjoy discovering and learning about the actors of the sports world, and I’m very grateful to be part of this family.

Gaelle Lore P. Unikeo Sports Notre équipe

Gaëlle Lore P.

Human Resources Manager

Since I’ve always been keenly interested in wellness, sports and psychology, it was only natural for me to offer my expertise to Unikeo Sports. With over 10 years of experience in human resources, I like to bring a different perspective to everyday situations. Being part of such an innovative company with so many passionate people is a privilege.

Karim Maazouz Unikeo Sports Notre equipe

Karim Maazouz

Sport Marketing Consultant

I’m an international sports business specialist with nearly 10 years of experience in consulting, marketing and business development. I have deep and practical knowledge of the business environment in the Middle East, North Africa and North America, including Canada. I help my clients define their marketing strategy and its implementation. I’ve been working with Unikeo Sports on various projects for almost seven years, bringing my expertise in sports marketing to our passionate clients.


This is a proactive team that doesn’t hesitate to offer advice for the success of your project.  

I appreciated their ever-relevant assistance in increasing our visibility. Having Unikeo Sports on board freed us up to focus on other activities. They’re perfect partners for any sports organization that wants to communicate through social media. 

Abou Ngame

Director of Sport Development at the FGQ
Director of 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Selection at the FQA

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