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Learning new digital skills

Did you know...

"59% of talent developers have invested more in online learning than in classroom training."


Why seek out training on digital marketing and tools?

Whether your actions are internal or external to your organization, having a good understanding of digital marketing is essential for all entrepreneurs or individuals involved in communications, marketing or sales.

That’s why we teach the techniques we use on a daily basis through our Unikeo Sports Inc. Academy.

Our role

  • Teach you best practices in digital marketing
  • Guide you to your project’s successful completion with specific advice
  • Give you 24/7 access to our knowledge that’ll make a difference in your project

Why integrate media buying into your digital strategy?

  • Being up to date on best practices in order to integrate them into your global strategy will make the difference between your performance today and your results tomorrow. Sports marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s vital for all companies and organizations to be trained to better respond to today’s digital realities.
  • With hundreds of participants in the sports and wellness industry, we’ve adapted our training content to the reality of the field.
  • Examples of the types of organizations that have trained with us: Sports federations, municipal sports departments, sports brands, sports stores, wellness spaces, esports, sports apps, etc.
  • Contact us to discuss training formats and needs, and we’ll be happy to advise you on an approach that will suit all members of your team.

This service includes

  • Personalized training/coaching (on request)
  • Online digital marketing training (available (24/7)

A word about the Unikeo Sports Inc. Academy

  • Founded in 2015, the Unikeo Sports Inc. Academy is an online training platform available 24/7. It aims to offer free and paid training on digital marketing.
  • Find out what training is immediately available here.

Case study 1

Swim for Life

After selling about ten courses in the previous few months, the Swim for Life team contacted us for training on promoting their courses via Facebook advertising.

We suggested to Karina, director of Swim for Life, that she take our Facebook training on with one hour of consultation with us to round out their learning.


We suggested to Karina, director of Swim for Life, that she take our Facebook training on with one hour of consultation with us to round out their learning.

The results


  • 200 courses sold in three weeks through Facebook advertising following the online training
  • Better overall understanding of digital issues.

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