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Better planning for better success

Did you know...

“56% of CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue.”


Why have an action plan for your digital marketing?

A digital marketing plan is like a GPS. It lets you choose the best direction for your organization. Implementing a digital marketing plan that meets your objectives will help you identify, plan and budget your next digital actions effectively (media buying campaigns, email marketing, etc.) so that they’re even more successful. 

Our role:

  • Find the right online strategy for your organization to get the best results
  • Apply our expertise in sports marketing and digital marketing to support you in your important strategic decisions online

Need to review your digital marketing strategy?

  • To be successful online, you should always have an action plan with clear goals. No one crosses an ocean using visual navigation. You need the right tools.
  • We work with several sports entities (B2B ans B2C companies in the sports and wellness sector, sports federations, sports clubs, sports events, sports stores, etc.).
  • You can benefit from Unikeo Sports’ expertise in sports marketing to devise the best strategy for you organization to achieve its goal.
  • Having an action plan for your digital marketing ensures that you’re on the right track. 

This service includes:

  • Analysis and overview of your current online situation
  • Creation of a step-by-step action plan for your digital marketing, taking into account your objectives and your budget
  • Presentation of the plan to key people in your organization
  • Evaluation and follow-up of the action plan over its entire duration to support you through optimizations and major changes

Case study

The company was a leader in the field of sporting event project sites in France and decided to expand into Canada. After one year of operation, the company encountered two challenges in its online growth. 

The first was that it wanted to have more events present on its platform (B2B), and the second was that it struggled to generate enough traffic and members on the site (B2C). We designed a plan to revise the company’s online positioning and presentation to attract a broader customer base. 

The results:

  • +20% more members (B2C) after only six months
  • +69% more events registered on the site in 12 months 
Le Sportif - Stratégie numérique - étude de cas - Unikeo sports


Unikeo Sport was by our side to guide us with our arsenal of digital marketing initiatives.

Collaborating with Unikeo Sports made me realize that some digital tactics are much more important than some others. In addition, we established an action plan together, which is something that I was previously unable to do on my own.

François Guimard

Director of the website

Wondering how to implement your plan?

Ask a specialist from our team.