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“Pay-per-click advertising traffic generates 50% more conversion than organic promotions.”

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Online media buying: What is it?

Media buying – the purchase of advertisements on the various online advertising platforms – is increasingly popular in sports marketing. These platforms include facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Ads and so on. 

Our role:

  • Close sales of your product or service to your sports customers
  • Acquire new prospects, customers or members for your organization
  • Promote your events

Why integrate media buying into your digital strategy?

  • Online advertising is one of the fastest ways to reach large, targeted audiences to propel your project.
  • More and more platforms can be used for advertising: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Ads, TikTok or Twitter, for instance.
  • Over time, the art of media buying campaigns has turned into a real science that combines familiarity with the psychology of internet users, the right message, the right timing – and, above all, expertise at targeting through the algorithms offered by advertising platforms. 
  • In addition, techniques, tools and strategies are constantly evolving, which makes media buying a job in its own right. And what a happy coincidence! It happens to be our job. After making over a million dollars in media buys for our clients, and more than quadrupling that investment, our agency has achieved a great deal of expertise with online sports clienteles.

This service includes:

  • Customized conversion tracking
  • Remarketing (retargeting)
  • Adaptation of your visuals / advertising content
  • Campaign optimization
  • Follow-up with your team
  • Monthly or weekly performance report
  • Languages: English and French

Case studies 1

France Football Détection

The France Football Détection team organizes events throughout France to identify talented players and help them develop in European professional clubs. The team wanted to have more than 100 paying participants per event.  

The Unikeo Sports agency suggested a two-pronged strategy involving targeting players and their parents based on data collected via the website as well as Facebook and Instagram. A regional breakdown was also done to reinforce the localized messaging for each event. 

The results:

  • Over 120 participants at the first event.
  • Over 343K people reached by their advertising.
  • More than 1,000 players have participated in paid events since the launch.
  • Social media followers increased by over 300%.
  • The initial campaign, which was originally supposed to last one month, has been running for two years and is now an integral part of the organization’s business model. 
  • The project has been duplicated in Germany. 


High-quality work we can trust.

“The Unikeo Sports agency has shown impeccable professionalism in our advertising collaboration that’s been ongoing for over a year now. High-quality work we can trust to help us achieve our objectives especially thanks to a very effective online advertising.”

Loïc Codron

General Manager of France Football Détection

Wondering if media buying is right for your project?

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