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Content management

Content creation

Did you know...

"70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing."


Content creation strategies: what are they all about?

More commonly known as “inbound marketing”, a content creation strategy helps you attract visitors in order to convert them into prospects, then into customers by using different online techniques (automated marketing, lead nurturing, etc.).

Our role

  • Team up with you to grow your organization using content management
  • Create content to generate more opportunities for your organization (e.g., automated email marketing sequences, social media)
  • Acquire new prospects and customers
  • Build customer and member loyalty through content

A medium- and long-term vision with your content

  • Content management is at the heart of several strategies that benefit your organization over the medium and long term. It’s not enough just to create content—you have serve up content that sells, that attracts your customers.
  • Whether it’s your email marketing campaigns, your social media management or your chatbots (automated messaging), every piece of content is essential to generating relevance for your customers. 
  • These elements of content are designed to promote your values and make it easier to achieve your business objectives. 
  • Unikeo Sports developed the “Teammate” service to provide you with à la carte support based on your needs and the points that need improving in your content.

This service includes


  • An action plan
  • Strategic advice
  • Social media management
  • Marketing messages/emails management
  • Digital training for your teams
  • Advertising campaigns management
  • Updating information on your sites / landing pages (on request)
  • Assistance in the use of a CRM (on request)
  • Monthly or weekly performance reports
  • Other services on request

Case study


BougeBouge, which organizes sports gatherings to prevent physical dropout to promote self-determined motivation for active living (aimed at teenagers, young families and retirees), entrusted us with the mandate to manage and support their online content marketing.

As part of this mission, we assisted their team in the strategy to grow the organization’s online presence. We were able to help the BougeBouge team with social media management and media buying campaigns, as well as some email marketing.

The results


  • (x5) Their database of paying participants quintupled in size.
  • (x3) Their number of online fans tripled.
  • Five new events were created thanks to the success of the previous ones promoted.


More than a mandate, a mission to grow together


“They have been helping us achieve our mission on a daily basis for several years. I recommend them to you.”

Kathy Tremblay

Ex-Olympian | Director of events BougeBouge

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