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A digital marketing agency with a passion for sports
A team of experts specialized in wellness
Professionals dedicated to our clients’ success
Using digital channels to spread the word about sports and wellness

An agency with a passion for sports

A team of enthusiasts ready to take on challenges. Whether it’s soccer, track and field, martial arts or field hockey, all our employees have one thing in common: a love for sports.

The various experiences of our resources—as stakeholders in sports federations, event organizing bodies, sports complexes or sports brands, to name a few—allow us to understand the issues you face and find solutions tailored to them.

An agency specialized in wellness

A healthy society is a happier society.

We strive to promote the wellness sector through digital channels, because we believe that a healthy society is a happier society. Our hope is that we can help more people feel better with our marketing actions!


Implement an online strategy that helps you achieve your goals. A well-planned digital strategy will save you time and provide concrete guidelines that suit your business objectives.

Get more leades and sales. We’ll accelerate your goals with online advertising via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Creating content, whether for social media, newsletters or blogs, requires many hours of work. We assist you in your communications to lighten your workload while maximizing your results.  

Your communications and marketing team can brush up on their skills to help them manage more online operations. We offer on-site or online, 24/7 training covering a variety of topics: advertising, social media management, email marketing and more. 

How Unikeo Sports collected over 30,000 email registrations for the TVA Sports NHL Pool


The Quebecor Media group offers services in the fields of printing, media (newspapers, magazines, radio and television) and telecommunications (cable, internet and phone).

The solution

To achieve our goal, we implemented an online strategy that combined the organic reach of the group’s various subsidiaries with online media buying campaigns.

The challenge

Quebecor mandated Unikeo Sports to obtain over 30,000 online registrations for their NHL Pool game on the TVA Sports channel and its subsidiaries: Journal de Montréal, Journal de Québec and Canoë.

The results

We successfully collected 32,800 email addresses, exceeding the 30,000 targeted through the social media plan and the media buy campaign. The email marketing campaign allowed us to keep the database active throughout the entire NHL regular season.


Cédrick Audel

We founded Unikeo Sports to promote the sports and wellness community online.

The Unikeo Sports agency is made up of athletes, members of associations and federations, members of administrative committees, and people inspired by wellness.

As such, we’re in touch with the same challenges and situations as the organizations and companies we work with. Our clients appreciate dealing with a team that shares their experience and understands their daily reality.

 And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Cédrick Audel Unikeo Sports inc. Fondateur


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More than just a project, it’s a mission through which we’ve grown together.

I fell in love with Cédrick and his team. Unikeo Sports helps us design and implement our organization’s digital strategy.

Kathy Tremblay

Former Olympic athlete and Director of events company BougeBouge

Ready to start working with the digital specialists of the sports and wellness sector?